Riverview Vineyard

Crafting a beautiful wine requires a seamless continuum from the vineyard through the winery.  Each decision made in the vineyard is intrinsically connected to the wine that is made in our cellar.  Farming for ultra-premium quality requires an intimate knowledge of each individual block, allowing our vineyard team to coax each vine to its full potential.   

The namesake Metz Road runs alongside our Riverview Vineyard.  Located adjacent to the Pinnacles, nestled on a bench overlooking the Salinas River, it is a Burgundian landscape dramatically influenced by the proximity of the Monterey Bay. Evening coastal fogs roll down the valley in the spring and summer, often lingering until mid-morning the following day. This natural cooling effect slows photosynthesis and allows for slow, steady ripening of the fruit.  With six different Pinot Noir clones (115, 667, 777, Pommard, 828 and 943), we have a multifaceted spectrum of single-vineyard fruit from which to choose and blend particular clones to achieve a wine of balance and harmony that exudes the essence of place.